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I just got back from Sulmona, Ovid’s hometown. It was something like a pilgrimage for me; right now, I’m living in the city Ovid loved, but I felt like I needed to see where he came from, too. Of course, modern Sulmona doesn’t look anything like it would have in the 1st C. BCE – […]

Forum Boarium

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Today, my Ancient City class went to the general area of the Forum Boarium, the cow market. The area is associated with Hercules. Legend has it, Hercules, driving the cattle of Geryon from Spain to Greece, stopped in the area that would become Rome. His stop there didn’t work out so well for Cacus, to say […]


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Hi! I’m rather inadept at beginning anything well, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m Susie, but as I am not overly fond of my given name, feel free to think of me as my username. By the way, my username was created with the band Love Outside Andromeda in mind, not the mythological character. Nevertheless, I suppose that […]