I’m in the middle of my Thucydides essay right now. It’s the fourth essay I’ve written in a week, so naturally the quality isn’t what it could be. I never made it to Venice because the Art History midterm got moved up to Monday. There’s supposed to be major flooding there right now. I might still go after my last exam on Thursday. I heard they’re giving out rain-boots and other incentives to support their tourism industry.
Whatever happens, I’m leaving for Naples on Saturday. At that point, this blog will take on a new function: documenting my findings from the Cumae acropolis. I suppose I should say some things before the change.
Looking over this blog, it appears to be on the negative side. It’s not unusual for me, but it also gives a distorted image of what it has been like here. The truth is, this is the best thing I have ever done. I worked really hard so I could get here. I can’t say that I’ve had a profound self-discovery experience of any description, but I learned some stuff; isn’t that worth something? I’ve had an amazing time. I simply am not gifted at rehashing my everyday life in entertaining ways, so I was ultimately unable to convey all the good things that happened here. Furthermore, I prioritize mental and emotional happenings over physical ones. That is, I am more concerned with my interaction with my environment than my environment itself. In fact, I am not quite sure that I can separate myself from an experience at all. Still, that means that anything I write won’t be relevant to anyone but me. I think it’s been useful for me, though. Anyway, I started this hoping to be able to write a proper travel narrative that documented everywhere I went, but it proved to be a little too much for me. Isn’t this post also evidence of that?


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